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Vibrant Cuckoo

Vibrant Cuckoo BIO Led by positivity, guided by colour, I am a Singapore based mixed media artist exploring contemporary art materials to achieve striking colour combinations. Born in Moscow, Russia, I moved to Singapore 8 years ago. I predominantly work in figurative style using various media, such as watercolour, ink and acrylics. My portfolio features paintings of various sizes, including large ones, with the largest so far measuring 320 by 150 cm. My art has been exhibited both internationally and locally in Singapore. Driven by desire to bring positivity and joy to the viewer, I intentionally introduce playful elements and use vibrant colours. Each painting tells a story however a smile is the first and foremost reaction that I am after. We can’t change most of the things in the crazy world we live in, but we can provide light, turn negative into positive. My mission is to make a person standing in front of my painting smile, at least for a split second. “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” Wassily Kandinsky


Women’s Dreams" Selegie Arts Centre, Singapore, March 2023


"Voice of Art" Be One Gallery, Ion Orchard, Singapore, March 2023


“Hysterica", MADS gallery, Milan & Fuerteventura, November 2021

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