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Mess Ngoc Thu Trang
Khanh Dang Hoan Back to the room
Bird Series-Imagination 02 Justin Lee 51cmx40[8415]
Le Quoc Hoan Blue woman
YJ Choi  Small talk
Le Thuy forgotten shrine
Lacquerwork Hitomi full photo 1
Ha Chau Bao Nhi Floriography 1
Hieu Nguyen Magpie 3
Ben Puah De La Thanh

Buy artworks online from SO IKI GALLERY, the leading online Asian Art Gallery

SO IKI Gallery is an online art gallery dedicated to promoting contemporary art by established artists in Asia.

We visit the artists in their own country and studios to select high-quality artworks and promote emerging artists to the art market.

By spotting new talents and introducing their art, SO IKI Gallery also aims to attract both experienced and new art collectors, build connections among them, and enrich the fascinating art market.


In the future, we will organize art events and travels in Asia to bring together art lovers, collectors, and artists to exchange ideas about art and culture, and to enjoy the beauty and joy brought by art.

Also very important is that helps art collectors and art lovers find the most suitable art piece(s) for their satisfaction.


At SO IKI GALLERY, we are incredibly passionate about Asian art and it will be a great pleasure to take you along on this journey to discover Asian art.

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