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Gokaran Singh

My paintings are not just an amalgamation of lines and colors. They are a product of my cognition, thought and emotions and my continuous creation on canvases. When fresh imagination, feelings and experiences mingle with the imagination and feelings accumulated in the crevices and fragments of my memory, new ideas emerge struggling within the personal and social milieu and dealing with dilemmas, skepticism, curiosity, emotions, ecstasy, likes and dislikes. Sometimes calm and silent, sometimes carefree and fragrant with a smile; the colors, lines and spaces of my paintings keep communicating with me all day long. And try to push me closer to those new, unsolved, romantic, known-unknown mysteries, which is indisputably present in this very universe. Closer to those elements lying somewhere among the tangible things around us, which are invisible, but which we can clearly sense. To two different parallel and corresponding worlds; one tangible, the other intangible; invisible and formless, but clearly discernible to our closed eyes. We communicate as much with the universe inside us as with the realities in the world around us. The world inside us has no language or shape. The moment they emerge as a script, they get fashioned into a painting. They assume a form. 

Tales seeped in unknown colors and emotions packed with thrill, mystery, upheaval, restlessness and creative energy travel from within me and spill onto a canvas. Eager and striving to unravel something new. Raising curiosity. The unknown world is not in front of us, but we are able to see it, sense it. See that which lies behind the lids of our eyes; initiating never ending waves of conversation within us. So much is contained inside a human body; a complete parallel universe. At it’s on speed, on its own axis. When the universe inside meets with the universe outside, a wire gets drawn; and a living intrinsic painting is created.

An unknown journey, a journey filled with unidentified restlessness carries one to the world. A world that appears totally real. A world filled which numerous positive and negative desires. Partly translucent, partly blurred; packed at once with a strong desire to manifest, as also to forcibly suppress. So many times in this unknown journey of creating canvases, have I felt that I am treading in the dark. It’s a different issue that there is light concealed in the darkness, which each artist has to find for themselves, find it with their sincere sensitivities and their individual thought process. At each new step, with each new attempt, in my quest to create something original, something different I confront each new painting with questions. What is good in this creation? How is it different from the others? What does this painting stand for? The process of creation, I feel, and then turn me in towards my soul. I try to etch onto the panel of my canvas, the same elements, the same colors, the same forms, the same emotions that lie inside the soul. For which there is no pre-decided formula of forms and colors. They may come in any form, in any color. My hands connect with my soul. The brush between my fingers, the emotions cruising between mind and body, the rhythm between thoughts and breath, align and a wonderful painting emerges. For this it is important that one becomes an artist with their whole body, mind and life.

After our point of time our worldviews – the way we look at creation, how we perceive and think; begin to develop. And then we begin to choose materials and subjects which leave a mark on us and which are woven into our souls. In the beginning when we begin to explore the ways and mysteries of the world, we like all the things that come our way. As our introspections refine, we probably are able to understand ourselves better. The more we understand ourselves, the more we become clear with our ideas, perceptions, sensations and imaginations, and are able to dive deep into our souls and contemplate on ourselves and issues. For me paintings are definitely a prayer and a contemplation. But many a time even we do not know what we want, why we are restless; and wants to precipitate like a cloud within us. And then the body, mind, time, everything wants to create. As I am better able to understand thoughts, expressions and perceptions, as experiences become enriched, it seems as if I am able to continuously unravel many new creations, new worlds and new forms, and these begin to take shape on my canvas like a wonderland. I am still eager to explore and internalize greater depths those thoughts and elements that draw closer to the divine perception or absolute power, which is not only a mystical power but also a painter who has crafted an exquisite painting. When our inner self begins to blossom in the light of knowledge and spirituality, the worldly and transcendent seems to merge and form transcends into formless.

Painting is not an object for me. It is surrender, it is devotion, it is faith. It steers me to dwell in the depths of my soul. Painting connects me to hidden and buried subtle emotions and to feelings which are at the core of poetry and lyricism and helps me strive to create a beautiful and meaningful world where feelings, soul and experience dissolve into one; and the mysterious and spiritual universe take miniature shapes in a simple, beautiful and quiet emotion, I make a humble attempt.

The enormous mysteries, wilderness and darkness of our inner self match the enormous mysteries and wilderness of the universe. We cannot fathom the extent of this mysteries, wilderness and darkness. On the other hand extreme loneliness and sadness encompasses human life. And life is steeped with hate and violence. Therefore the paintings are an attempt to coalesce the imaginary world and create something new. Enormous fears, cruelty and restlessness prey on the human mind. I endeavor to merge these forms on canvas and the curiosity and aspiration take a step towards love, nonviolence, dedication and mystery; illuminated by absolute truth.


2021 The Other Side: A Blank Journey (Online), Pancha Rothi, The International Artist Group of India, Kolkata

2021 Known Unknown (Online), Dom Polonijny, Wroclaw, Poland

2021 Between Times (Online), Art Beats Foundation, Pune

2012 A Song Unending, Orisssa Modern Art Gallery, Bhubaneswar

2006 Feminism Within, Canvas Art Gallery, Delhi

2001 Shades of Life, Nirala Art Gallery, Allahabad



2021 Invisible (Online), J.S. Art Gallery, Mumbai

2020  For The Kisan (Online), White Rose, Kochi

2020  Specters of Mahatama (Online), White Rose, Kochi

2019  Dhanbad Art Fair, Dhanbad 

2019   Stabdhika, NGMA, New Delhi

2018 Paripakva, Kala Dham, Greater Noida

2018 Sangam Kala Exhibition, Noida Lok Manch

2018 National Art Exhibition, Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology, Meerut    

2018   Art Life Gallery, Noida

2018   White Canvas Gallery, Jaipur

2015   Akar Prakar, Rabindra Nath Kala Dirgha, Nagpur

2014   Index, MMRA Ground, Mumbai

2012   Resonance, Kala Mitra Art Galley, Noida

2012   Visual Dialogue, Art Life Gallery, Noida

2012   Euphoric, Asian Academi of Film and Television, Film City, Noida

2008   Mukta Bodh, Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, Delhi

2008   Fusion, Art Link Gallery, Gurgaon

2008   Reverberations, Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, Delhi

2008   Aspirations, The Epicentre, Apparel House, Gurgaon

2008   Windows of Hope, Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, Delhi

2007   Anusmruti, Rabindra Nath Kala Dirgha, Nagpur

2007   Feminism, Canvas Art Gallery, Delhi

2007   Women Artist Exhibition, Studio Vasant, Delhi

2007   Guernica To Nithari, Canvas Art Gallery, Delhi

2007   Summer Art Show, Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi

2007   Budh Mudra, Canvas Art Gallery, Delhi

2006   Anusmruti, Rabindra Nath Kala Dirgha, Nagpur

2006   Summer Art Show, Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi

2006   Anusmruti, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

2002   Contemporary Art Show, Allahabad Museum, Allahabad

2000   Triveni Kala Mahotsava, NCZCC, Allahabad

1999   Mural Painting Exhibition, NCZCC Allahabad

1998   Kala Mela, NCZCC Allahabad

1995   Abhiruchi, Women’s Artist Exhibition, Allahabad Museum, Allahabad



2006   Annual Art Exhibition, AIFACS, Delhi

2004   25th Annual Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow

2000   22nd Annual Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow

1998   Regional Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow



Renowned Graphics Artist Shyam Sharma

Hindi writer Raji Seth & many articles in Magazines & Newspapers



‘Jis Tarah Ghulti Hai Kaya’ (Kavita Sangrah published by Bhartiya Jnanpith, 2009)

'Samay Ke Chehre Par' (Kavita Sangrah published by shilpayan Publication, Dehi, 2015)

2 Kavita Sangrah under pulication

Many poems, book covers and sketches published in various Magazines like Yuva Samvad, Hans, Naya Gyanodaya, Kathadesh, Vaagarth, Indraprastha Bharti, Pakhi, Sakshatkar, Abhipray, Uttar Pradesh, Aajkal, Sahitya Amrit, Vartmaan Sahitya, Itihaasbodh, Sanchetana, Doaaba, Hindi (English Magazine) etc.

Few poems translated in English & Kannad also.





Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad

Canvas Art Gallery, Delhi

Art Link Gallery, Gurgaon

Studio Vasant, Delhi

TMZ Group, Delhi

Private collections in India, UK, USA, KSA, Dubai etc.

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