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YJ Choi

Painter (Korea)

YJ is a Korean painter born in 1992, with an international upbringing. She is from Korea, but left Korea in 2001 and lived in Taiwan, USA, Macau, and Vietnam. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts with Art Education Emphasis. She works as an art teacher during the day, and focuses on her own works the rest of the time.


Art is a window into one’s unique perspective of the world. YJ’s inspiration comes from the various spaces and people around her which constantly shows new bright light in her life. Because YJ’s work mirrors her experience in her daily life the subject in YJ’s art is not limited, and it spreads out from figure, space and abstract. Her work ranges across styles from illustrations to fine arts with various mediums such as oil pastel, oil/watercolor/acrylic paint, color pencils and digital media.

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